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Who Comtelindo ?


Comtelindo was established in February of 2010 in Balikpapan, East Borneo – Indonesia.

Looking forward the growing business activity in Indonesia that is also need development in communication and technology, with the trust of our partner and relationship we try to provide and share our experience to give what the customers need.


Comtelindo’s focus is on providing leading edge telecommunication and information technology services. It’s aim (Comtelindo’s) is to provide this service in both which is business & private section at Best Value.

Comtelindo integrates with many Provider in Indonesia, to provides telecommunication and technology services we have competitive  quality to design, build and manage ICT solutions.  We also provide a wide range of products and services, according to customer requirements.

What Comtelindo Value ?


We respect individuals and our customers, we treat them as we, ourselves, wish to be treated in the course of achieving our mutual objectives


We consistently employ innovation in our products and processes deliver the best quality services to our customers


We are flexible in our solutions and operations to deliver the required outcome for our customers in a timely fashion


We will always deliver the highest quality of services in our interaction with our customers. We deliver our services professionally based on responsibility and accordance with good business conduct


We work internally as a cohesive, technically proficient team. Working hand-in-hand with customers to provide the best solutions for their requirements. This allows Comtelindo to maintain the highest standards for our current & prospective clients

IT Solutions

Comtelindo is able to provide advice, help plan, support & put in place IT specialist that a client be required to fulfill an IT role at short notice (timely contact with Comtelindo is essential to fill short notice role) Read More.

Apps Development

We provide you with the most advanced Web & Mobile Development. With our experienced teams, we can provide you a special tailored app only for you. From Web Based app to iOS & Android app. Read More.

Connectivity Services

Solutions for complex company telecommunication needs include items such as speed, accuracy, flexibility which is linking  information and system company offices in Indonesia and abroad. To complete our services we also proved services. Read More.

Smart Office & Smart Home

Help protect your home or office information and confidential with security system while reducing operational cost, make you life more comfort and easy to  monitor security neighborhoods 24 Hours a day.

  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control (Pin, Finger, Card, Face, etc)
  • Sensor Alarm System
  • Sensor Lighting System
  • Sensor System (Smoke, Vibration, Motion, etc)
  • Smart Living System (Controlling All Device at Home with Cell Phone or otomatic execute by Sensor)

Voice Services

Solutions for  reducing call cost from head office to branch office at same location or different location using cable, wireless or internet connection.

  • Design Voice Network Configuration
  • Provide PABX & IP PBX
  • Provide Analog, Digital & IP Phone
  • Provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Call Center Development

GPS Tracking

A service that is able to monitor the location of your assets including all application that is able to relocate your vehicles or others through a browser application on your PC or your smart phone. With the appropriate software data unit on your vehicles you can also monitoring maintenance schedule ,speed and Hour Meter.

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Person

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